Fresh beginning on the Internet

Fresh beginning no. 2

Every beginning is hard, but at the same time exciting. It’s a risk, and it is appealing. This is yet another fresh start for me. A clean slate for my writing. I want to go back to writing and what’s the better way to do it than just to go for it.

Beginning no. 1

Thirteen years ago I created a blog, which evolved into this exact domain name. That was different beginning, the beginning no. 1. The domain was kept, part for the reason is that I wanted to preserve the blog, part for the reason is that I wanted to use it for something else. But in all this, I never had courage to try again. Meanwhile, even though I’ve been designing websites for other people in WordPress; I never actually used it for myself. I did write, but nothing stayed for long. So, let’s have some fun, let’s begin again. And try one more time.

The blog I used to have has been archived. It helped me a lot. For a dramatic, secluded teenager, it served like a diary, keeping all my dating adventures and stream of thoughts in one place. For a closeted gay person living in a homophobic society, it served as a self-accepting mechanism and kinda beginning of different life. But it especially helped me to channel my creative writing energy. Plus it was making me learn and practice English.

Thank you, blog! Thank you, people of the blogosphere! Along the way, I made some friends from the sphere as well, which turned into a real life friendship. And that friend said once when we met in person – blogging served like a free therapy and a support group. He was truly right. And I am so glad I kept all these memories.

It is quite therapeutic and comforting to reflect on younger self – talking, writing, understanding life, growing up. Reading some of that material, I feel great love towards myself and the journey and life I had. It’s been tough at moments, it’s been trilling as well, but the life is going on, always something new there to offer.

Writing topics

The things I would like to write about will be probably about the experiences I got while I was in this writer’s block phase. Maybe I needed this time, to recollect, reflect and perceive… There is so many stories which I would like to share and see how do people react on them. I assume some of them will be personal, and some might turn into something more cultural or even political.

With that said – I don’t want to limit myself to one specific field. It will be like a sandbox, ready for whatever comes along.

I’ve been travelling a lot, I encountered many interesting people and saw many interesting places. That experience made me the person I am today. All these stories and new adventures are in my mind, and they are ready to go out, bit by bit. The world truly showed me that it can be very beautiful and colourful.

Nom de plume

My name is Oliver. It is of course a pseudonym – as a fellow writer, I wanna see how the things are gonna play out, and it is kinda fun to keep it anonymous, like I did 13 years ago.

It allows me to be more me, without any judgement or influence on what I might or might not be able to share.

Welcome to the site, and welcome to my writing journey. If you wish to reach out, you can leave a comment below or contact me here.

Thanks for reading!

Fresh beginning

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